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The Sirrus is a high quality fitness and commuter bike. With an improved geometry to serve a wider range of riders, and a lighter alloy frame, and with the ability to mount fenders, the Sirrus is perfect for both the Coal Creek Trail and for the bike paths. 

  • Also available in a step thru model, the Sirrus 2.0 features an upgraded 8 speed rear cassette and hydraulic disc brakes for only $100 more then the base model. 

  • The Sirrus 3.0 features a carbon fork to improve comfort and cornering capability. With higher quality brakes and an upgraded group set, the 3.0 is more comfortable and durable than the 2.0, for only $250 more. 

  • The Sirrus 4.0 features a FACT carbon frame and fork for an even lighter and faster ride for only $1,450


The Sirrus X

The Sirrus X is the Sirrus, only better. Featuring a future shock suspension system in the upper models, the Sirrus X is even smoother and easier to control. With an intuitive 1x drivetrain, ergonomic saddle and Pathfinder 42c gravel tires, the Sirrus X is the most capable Sirrus yet. 

  • The Sirrus X 3.0 features upgraded hydraulic disc brakes and group set, making it even more durable than the 2.0 model for only $250 more. 

  • The Sirrus X 4.0 features a carbon fork with a future shock and 11 speed rear cassette, as well as upgraded brakes and rear derailleur to make the 4.0 even lighter and more comfortable than the 3.0 for only $1,450. 

  • The Sirrus X 5.0 features a FACT carbon frame and carbon fork with a future shock to create and even lighter and smoother ride. With tubeless ready wheels and tires, and a 12 speed rear cassette, these upgrades make the 5.0 the most versatile Sirrus for only $550 more than the 4.0 model.

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