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Rockhopper: ($600)

The perfect first mountain bike, the Rockhopper features a lightweight aluminum frame and an ergonomic geometry. From XXS to XXL, the Rockhopper is stable and versatile. A custom Rx suspension tune and disc brakes make this bike extremely capable and with unparalleled ride quality for the price. 

  • The Rockhopper sport upgrades you to a higher quality groupset, with 9 speeds in the rear compared to 8 on the base model. The sport model also features hydraulic disc brakes, all for only $100 more than the base Rockhopper. 

  • The Rockhopper Comp features a 1x drivetrain for simplicity and efficiency, a lighter wheelset, and a lockout feature on the fork. All of these upgrades lead to a lighter and more stable bike for only $850. 

  • The Rockhopper Elite features faster hubs, tubeless-ready wheels and tires, and a 10 speed rear cassette. In addition to an air spring shock, the Rockhopper elite is one of the most capable cross country bikes for the price of $1,050. 

  • The Rockhopper Expert is the very top of this line, with an SRAM Eagle drivetrain. The Expert model is the fastest Rockhopper for only $200 more than the Elite. 

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