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Why get a bike fitting?

hile cycling is great for your health and well being, high mileage rides, hours in the saddle, and turning the pedals over tens of thousands of revolutions means the potential for discomfort, overuse injuries, or worse: an unused bike! A proper fit helps each individual rider find their optimal blend of comfort and efficiency while on the bike. Finding that "sweet spot" in terms of fit becomes more crucial the more you demand from your body and machine, whether your goal is completing that first century ride or putting your tire on the start line at the national championships!

What is a good bike fit?

Bike fitting is best described as a blend of science and art. Some sources suggest that a mathematical formula based on certain body measurements can give you your ideal frame size and position. However, measurement-based approaches do not accurately account for less tangible factors such as flexibility or pedaling style that come into play when you pedal a bicycle. This is where the "art" of bicycle fitting comes in.

At Louisville Cyclery, we use skeletal measurements to help point you toward a new frame (or choice of frames) that meet your needs. However, this is only a starting point in finding your perfect ride. Considering your unique needs, your dynamics on the bike, even your goals and ambitions, then combining them with our expertise in bicycle materials, geometry, and componentry ensures that we will find your "sweet spot"of comfort and efficiency.

What if I already have a bike?

Not in the market for a new bike? Just need to dial in the fit of your current ride? We have several fitting packages to suit your needs. From making you more comfortable on your weekend rides to using computer-aided power measurement and pedal stroke analysis to optimize your efficiency and performance, Louisville Cyclery has a package to suit your needs!

How do I schedule a fitting?

All fittings are done Monday through Friday by appointment. Fittings can take up to two-and-a-half hours to complete, depending on your concerns and needs, so please schedule accordingly! For your fitting, we ask that you bring your usual riding ensemble: cycling shoes, shorts, and jersey or T-shirt, and of course, don't forget your bike!

If you'd like to learn more about our fittings and/or have us fit you with our Specialized Body Geometry Fit System, please contact Lane at Louisville Cyclery to schedule an appointment. We look forward to fitting you soon!




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