Nutrition is whole body replenishment with fluids and high response nourishment to keep you going at the desired distance and pace.  Testing your nutrition plan before performance day is essential to boost your confidence that you’ve made the right nutrition choices for your body.  Our selection of nutrition for cyclists has nourished cyclists for more than 30 years.  

If you’re craving it, we’re likely to have it.  Swing by and stock up to avoid the bonk.



In many ways, your bike, helmet, and shoes are just the minimum to get in motion, but to stay in motion safety so many product categories have gone from frivolous to fantastic.  We’ve got fast repair kits, lights, mirrors, helmets and so much more. Components are not just accessories anymore. They're essentials to prevent your ride from ending too early.

Come by to see what’s new to keep both you and your bike ready for anything. 



Regardless of the season, biking gear for the road and trail has become so specialized.  Come check out our kits, short, shirts, socks and other wearables to keep you at the right temperature on your ride. 



Choosing the best cycling shoes for yourself depends on many different factors. Your bike type, experience, and goals for the shoes are key factors that will impact your choice.  Other things that play a role when making a selection are color preferences, price range, and most importantly comfort. Getting to the bottom of what works best is easiest done in our store.  Come and visit us to survey our bike shoe options so you can slip into the right pair and prevent siding with the wrong pair.

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